An introvert’s guide to settling into university

The transition to university can be daunting. Coupled with being more of an introvert, it can sometimes feel more nerve-racking. Meeting new people Once you have arrived, there begins a process of meeting new people. Flatmates, coursemates, and a whole range of staff (let alone the social aspect of club nights and societies). Although for … Continue reading An introvert’s guide to settling into university

Preparing for results day

The lead-up to results day can be a nervous time so we asked some of our current students for their top tips for preparing for the big day.

Pre-University Nerves

Pre-university nerves – something that we are all told is completely normal and everyone will experience. Whilst I was looking forward to starting university last year, the sense of not-knowing was still very much there – whether that be not knowing the people, the place or the day-to-day life of a university student. Nerves are … Continue reading Pre-University Nerves