A week in the life of a Sociology student

I’m Quratulaien, and I’m a third-year Sociology student at the University of York. I wrote this blog post for students who want to know the general day-to-day life of a sociology student. In the blog I mention how I spend my time as a student, social events you can be a part of outside of studying, and how I tried to make the most of everything available to me. There is a lot to enjoy about university, and I can understand how scary it can be not having an idea about where to begin. I hope my blog can make things a little easier for you and put things into perspective!

A week in the life of a 2nd-Year Theoretical Physics student

My name’s Elliott, and I’m a 2nd year Theoretical Physics student at the University of York. This blog will give you some fresh insight into what it’s really like to study physics at York. My blog will be a rundown of a typical week for me at the university, detailing the different modules/labs I attend on a weekly basis, my opinions, and what you can expect if you come to York to study Physics. I’ll also give a brief introduction to a few of the non-academic things you can get involved in around the department, such as PhysSoc, or the Rocketry society, all of which I love!

A week in the life of a Computer Science student at York!

Hi there! I’m Ben, and I want to take you through a week in my life as a Computer Science student at the University of York. In this blog post I’m going to talk about the lectures and seminars I have each week, everything the department provides to help you as a student, as well as the sorts of groups and societies I take part in every week. I’ve found everyone on my course to be incredibly welcoming and supportive, and really enjoy being a part of the Computer Science department in general. Hopefully I can help you picture what it’s like to study at York and show you why I think it’s such a great place to be a part of!

A week in the life of a Music student

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I study Music at the University of York. I just wanted to let you know what a week in my life studying music is like, and give you an idea of what to expect from the Department. In my blog, I’ll mention some of the great ensembles that I’m involved with as part of my studies here – which are only a few of all the performance opportunities available here at York! I’ll also touch upon the interdisciplinary approach taken towards music in the Department, and how we’re all encouraged to become well-rounded musicians, whilst playing to our strengths. I hope that this blog gives you an insight into what it’s like to study at York, and that it’s made you excited to start your university experience!

Studying PPE at York: the best bits

I’m Molly and I am a final year student studying Politics and Economics at York! I want to tell you about why being a part of the School of PPE is an amazing experience and some other things about what it’s like to study one of the PPE programmes here. I love the variation in teaching that studying a joint-honours allows me to experience across the disciplines, whenever I get too bogged down in essay writing I can take a break and hop over to something more problem-solving based while still being productive in my study time. Your university experience is not just 3 years of pure study and the social opportunities at York make it unique. My blog will cover things about the Club of PEP, and some of the course content that I have particularly enjoyed over my 3 years so far.