Top Tips When Studying Two Languages

Hiya everyone! My name is Lucy, and I am a second-year student studying Italian with Spanish here at the University of York. I thought I would write this little message to tell you about how amazing it is to study at York and specifically within the Language and Linguistics Department. Studying a language degree at York opens the door to a whole world of opportunities for you! From meeting like-minded people embarking on a similar journey, to travelling the world on your year abroad and finally putting all the skills you have learnt into practice. In my blog post I am going to talk a little about how I have juggled studying two languages. It definitely has not been without its challenges, but as they say, “nothing worth having ever comes easy.”

A Lesson on Living.

What were you doing 365 days ago? Chances are you can’t remember, and with good reason, as a lot happens in a year. The length of the third year abroad is really what cements it as an amazing opportunity for you to put the languages you’ve learnt into practice, and to immerse yourself in the … Continue reading A Lesson on Living.