Pursuing your passions at York

Hey guys, I’m Jake, a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student. I thought I’d start out by talking about one of my passions and how coming to York has allowed me to push myself, meet new people and have a lot of fun though through pursuing this passion. For as long as I can … Continue reading Pursuing your passions at York

Term three approaches, and it’s almost time for Roses!

It’s coming up to that time when exams are beginning to creep up on us unsuspecting students, and the year is reaching its final chapter. The biggest highlight of summer term without a doubt is Roses, an annual inter-university sports tournament against Lancaster, in which each uni take it in turns to host a large scale campus … Continue reading Term three approaches, and it’s almost time for Roses!

The road to Roses has begun!

The road to Roses 2016 has begun! Roses is a bitterly contested sports tournament against our rivals Lancaster University. It’s easily the biggest event in the sporting calendar at York. This year we take the fight to Lancaster’s campus and it’s now less than 50 days until the hugely anticipated battle! As York Sport President, I’m … Continue reading The road to Roses has begun!

Computer Science At York

Going into a computer science degree, you always get the stereotypical view from others that you’re going into your first year expecting to stay in your room playing games like World Of Warcraft, you’re not really going to socialise with others and that you’re preparing for a life of pretty much just coding away at … Continue reading Computer Science At York