To spend or not to spend?: Managing your money as a postgraduate student

Anyone who has completed an undergraduate degree knows the pain of having to decide between going out with your mates or saving money, and sadly this struggle continues into your postgraduate degree. However, who says there aren’t loopholes to help you with managing your money as a postgrad? Summer work Most undergrad degrees finish in … Continue reading To spend or not to spend?: Managing your money as a postgraduate student

My top 5 revision tips

As exam season fast approaches it’s important to begin to think about how best to manage, plan and utilise your time effectively. In this blog, I’ll go through my top 5 revision tips, which helped me be successful in exams. I hope they help you too! Start Revising Early! There’s nothing worse than leaving revision … Continue reading My top 5 revision tips

University Interview Tips

~Be the best version of you ~ Applying for university is a key cog of life in the establishment of your career. Preparing for the interview is another ball game but nothing to worry about as every university/interviewer essentially wants you to pick them, they have your best interest at heart. Remember that! Being in … Continue reading University Interview Tips

Interview Tips!

Hi Everyone! With invitations to interviews being sent out in the coming weeks, I thought I would give you some of my top tips on how I prepared for my interview and the techniques I used which will hopefully be useful for when you attend yours (whether it will be online or in-person!) How you … Continue reading Interview Tips!