Coming To University As A Contextual Offer Holder

What is a contextual offer? By definition, a contextual offer is ‘a reduced offer for UK undergraduates that is typically one or two grades below the standard entry requirements’. They are given to students like you and I, who may have experienced socioeconomic disadvantages in their schooling, as a way to reduce pressure. The joy … Continue reading Coming To University As A Contextual Offer Holder

A week in the life of someone studying Politics and International Relations

Hi, I’m Malaikah and I’m a second year student studying International Relations here at the University. I wanted to give you an insight into the life of a student within the Politics department here at the university of york and tell you a little bit about why I love my degree. In my blog I will talk about my degree, what a typical week looks like for me, as well as how my first year modules helped me understand what areas of study I was interested in and how that helped me to decide on my second year modules. University is about exploring your degree subject and figuring out what you like and what works for you. It’s not just about having a set career path, it’s about exploring and embracing the options around you and making the most of your time at university.

A week in the life of a Music student

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I study Music at the University of York. I just wanted to let you know what a week in my life studying music is like, and give you an idea of what to expect from the Department. In my blog, I’ll mention some of the great ensembles that I’m involved with as part of my studies here – which are only a few of all the performance opportunities available here at York! I’ll also touch upon the interdisciplinary approach taken towards music in the Department, and how we’re all encouraged to become well-rounded musicians, whilst playing to our strengths. I hope that this blog gives you an insight into what it’s like to study at York, and that it’s made you excited to start your university experience!

A week in the life of a Global Development student

Hi! I’m Olivia and I study Global Development at the University of York. I just wanted to let you know about what a typical week could look like as a Global Development student. In my blog I will give examples of possible modules and what this translates to in contact hours. I will run through the opportunities that are available to Global Development students, many of which are displayed in the weekly politics department newsletter. Finally, I will cover some assessment material and what you could expect. I love my Global Development degree, and hopefully this blog will excite you to start studying this interesting subject too!

My experience of the Pre-1900 Production Project

My name is Stevie and I am a Third year Theatre student at the University of York. It is an absolute joy to write about this University and my course, in addition to what I believe makes it so unique in comparison to other institutions. In my blog I am going to be discussing a recent module I completed in the first term of Third year and the experiences I personally had with it. ‘Pre-1900s’ is a core module of your Third year within the Theatre degree, and is an incredibly exciting challenge to undertake working with your peers to create some truly impressive theatre. A key part of University, for me, is falling in love with your degree and reminding yourself why you chose to pursue the subject you did. With the Pre-1900s module it was absolutely a perfect reminder of why I particularly love Theatre and immersing myself in it on a daily basis.

My tales of a TFTI student – exploring the TV facilities

Hi, I’m Vlad! I’m in my second year studying Film and Television Production at the University of York. What I love most about the course is just how creative and inventive everything is, not just the content of the lectures, but also the teaching methods themselves. Studying in the Department of Film, TV and Interactive Media (TFTI) can be both challenging and rewarding – often at the same time! In this blog I will tell you about the TV facilities here at York and my experience with them across a variety of roles. I will also share some useful tips about working in the studios and a few anecdotes about the ingenious ways we were taught certain skills. The studio sessions were the highlight of my week and I hope you’ll share my excitement when you begin your courses!