Non-alcoholic activities to do in and around York

When you hear the words “university student” one of your first associations will be ‘binge drinking’. Both movies and television have long portrayed uni students to be chaotic, young adults ‘obsessed’ with their newfound freedom to go….WILD. What pop culture fails to take into consideration is that not everyone drinks. But if that’s the case, … Continue reading Non-alcoholic activities to do in and around York

Life in the City of York

The City of York is renowned for its historic feel and tourist sights, from the Shambles Market to Clifford’s Tower, but also has an amazing student life! I hope to give you just a glimpse at what York has to offer on both sides of the coin, sharing my experiences from two years of living … Continue reading Life in the City of York

Why York?

The two main reasons I chose the University of York are the academic reputation and the college system. As a member of the Russell Group, the University has a great reputation for academia and I thought it was a place where I could push myself academically. However, the reason I chose York over other Russell … Continue reading Why York?

It’s the small things

Hey everyone!! To start this post I’ll tell you about a revelation. Some may call it an epiphany, while some may not. I AM HALFWAY THROUGH MY DEGREE!!! That, my friends, is a scary fact! When I think that some of my closest friends and I didn’t even know each other less than 2 years … Continue reading It’s the small things

Top reasons to love York

So I’ve come home for a while over the Easter break. I’ve spent quality time with my family, caught up with friends and eaten loads of home cooked food and far too much chocolate!! But, having been back for a few weeks now, I’m really missing York and uni life! It’s got me thinking about … Continue reading Top reasons to love York