Social Policy in Action!

Monday The second Monday back after Christmas usually consists of getting everything ready for the coming term, introductory lectures and seminars and catching up with housemates. 9-10am: Shreddies! I usually start the day by having some Shreddies (enabling me to function) whilst catching up with the latest headlines on the TV. I usually head off … Continue reading Social Policy in Action!

A week in the life of a Politics and Philosophy student

Politics and philosophy are two of the more interesting subjects you can find yourself studying at University. Most people talk about how fast-paced and varied their life is when they come to York to study. However, when studying two different subjects, this gets cranked up to eleven. With this in mind, I’m going to take … Continue reading A week in the life of a Politics and Philosophy student

First Things First

Hey Reader! I’m Sophie-Jayne, a second year Electronic Engineering student who in her spare times loves to sing along to musicals and drink a lot of tea. Tea is a very important part of my life 🙂 . For my first blog post I thought I’d start with 10 things about me, and maybe we … Continue reading First Things First

English Lit November 2015

Hello people-who-are-considering-studying-English-Literature-at-York!  It may seem far off now but before you know it A-levels will have been and gone, and you’ll suddenly have to start working out how many pairs of socks one requires to survive at university (14 works for me).  That’s why you need to begin mulling over exactly which university you shall … Continue reading English Lit November 2015