A week in the life of an aspiring forensic psychologist

In my blog I hope to inform prospective students hoping to go into Forensic Psychology/other relevant disciplines what to expect in a typical week: with a few social activities mixed in! I also hope to shed some light on the amazing support from the psychology department and all the targeted help they give.

My favourite thing about university is the constant opportunities of independence to build your confidence. You choose what course you want to do, which modules you take, and where to take your knowledge. Psychology at York University really helps you take hold of where you want your future to go.

How to manage stress around clearing

It’s completely normal to feel apprehensive about your university applications. However, clearing shouldn’t have to be something that causes you significant stress and upset. While we all have our own preferred coping methods, here are some top tips for managing clearing-related stress, which you might find helpful! Remind yourself that you’re not alone According to … Continue reading How to manage stress around clearing

Secrets to successful sleep

Struggling to sleep? Read our tips for getting a good night’s sleep and come along to our online workshop this Thursday (22 April) where college tutors will provide guidance and share some practical techniques to help improve your sleep.  Book your place at the sleep workshop Future wellbeing workshops Pushing through perfectionism Overcoming feelings of worry and … Continue reading Secrets to successful sleep

Homesickness: looking after yourself when you’re separated from family and friends

It’s a strange time to be an international student right now. We are currently living in very uncertain times, hoping for all of this to be over soon. Being 6500 miles away from home and remaining on campus has been pretty isolating for me, and I’ve been missing home more than ever before. However, I’ve … Continue reading Homesickness: looking after yourself when you’re separated from family and friends