A chat with Social Work student, Helen

It took some time for me to realise that I wanted to pursue a profession in social work. All of the qualities and values that I admire are at the heart of social work. The fact that social work offers such a varied range of opportunities also appealed to me. Plus, the fact that it seeks to make the world a better place. This meant that I could contribute my part to improving people’s lives.

Choosing York 📚🎓

Selecting the right course to study I have always being very interested and excited to attend university, to learn more about my favourite subject – Politics. Choosing York was an easy decision for me. In Year 12, I had already decided on an International Relations course due to my interests in global politics. For my … Continue reading Choosing York 📚🎓

Why York?

The two main reasons I chose the University of York are the academic reputation and the college system. As a member of the Russell Group, the University has a great reputation for academia and I thought it was a place where I could push myself academically. However, the reason I chose York over other Russell … Continue reading Why York?

Why did I choose York?

Hi, my name is Annalisa. I am a third year Biology student at the University and also a student ambassador. I am part of James College and lived on campus in my first year. Read on to find out why I chose to come to York for my university experience. UCAS and open days Honestly, … Continue reading Why did I choose York?

The reasons why I chose York

Campus West and Campus East The reason why I became interested in the University of York is because it has two impressive campuses. Both Campus West and East offer alternative living experiences: Campus West is lively and bustling, whilst Campus East is idyllic and contemporary. No matter which option you choose, the other is merely … Continue reading The reasons why I chose York

Things to Look Forward to: English and Related Literature at York

Hi there! My name is Sophie and I’m an undergraduate student studying English and Related Literature at York. I hope you liked my postcard welcoming you here! Here are just a few of the things to look forward to when studying at York… World- class teaching and facilities Choosing to study English and Related Literature … Continue reading Things to Look Forward to: English and Related Literature at York