A week in the life of an aspiring forensic psychologist

In my blog I hope to inform prospective students hoping to go into Forensic Psychology/other relevant disciplines what to expect in a typical week: with a few social activities mixed in! I also hope to shed some light on the amazing support from the psychology department and all the targeted help they give.

My favourite thing about university is the constant opportunities of independence to build your confidence. You choose what course you want to do, which modules you take, and where to take your knowledge. Psychology at York University really helps you take hold of where you want your future to go.

Meet 4th Year Social Work student, Lucy

Once I recognised the broad field of work that social work offers, I was so intrigued. Knowing that I could go into a career that would identify where my strengths are and allow me to match these with a particular field of work really sat well with me as opposed to a career that didn’t have much room to diversify.

Business of the Creative Industries – Industry links

While university itself can be a daunting experience, many may already be worrying about what comes after as they leave education and enter unknown territory…the workplace! Fears about getting a job are no different or arguably even more so when it comes to the creative industries. Particularly among those from lower socioeconomic and minority backgrounds, … Continue reading Business of the Creative Industries – Industry links

My Year in Industry… at a Small Company

Hi, I’m Vinnie, I study Social and Political Sciences, and I did a Year in Industry. I would love to tell you about my work placement, and whether you should consider doing a Year in Industry. A Careers and Placements ‘Year in Industry’ is available to everyone. In my blog, I discuss motives for doing a Year in Industry, my experiences, what I think you can learn, my assessment of the experience overall and what I gained. I present a personal perspective which intends to leave you considering whether you should do a Year in Industry. But further, its about taking control of your university journey and learning more about who you are, and who you would like to become… whilst being paid. Enjoy.

Decolonising the University – The Department of Education is taking action

Hiya! I’m Lucy, a third year undergraduate student in the Department of Education. I’m studying English in Education and I love it! One of my favourite things about my department is that you feel listened to, staff actually encourage student’s input! I especially like that they use this mutual respect as a force for social justice. In my blog I talk about one of my department’s initiatives, the Decolonising Education Collective, and my experience within it. I’ll also talk about my recent internship within the department and what impact it’s having on current and future students! My takeaway is that students are made aware of how important decolonisation is to them and what influence they can have! University is a chance to get stuck in so don’t be a bystander, get involved! Student voices are so important, you have the power to make positive change!