Coming To University As A Contextual Offer Holder

What is a contextual offer? By definition, a contextual offer is ‘a reduced offer for UK undergraduates that is typically one or two grades below the standard entry requirements’. They are given to students like you and I, who may have experienced socioeconomic disadvantages in their schooling, as a way to reduce pressure. The joy … Continue reading Coming To University As A Contextual Offer Holder

A Magical York Christmas

Christmas at #York is utterly magical. Between the twinkling lights and the infamous Christmas markets, even the Grinch would be feeling #festive! 🎁 With many events taking place, such as @uycu_ ‘s ‘Carols at the Minster’, and @uoyhistorysoc ‘s Winter Formal, Christmas is all around you! Even just taking a stroll through the Christmas markets, or the Kirkgate Christmas Tale Street at @yorkcastlemuseum, you can’t help but smile!🎄 Not only picturesque, the atmosphere in York during the Christmas period is super wholesome! Beautifully decorated #Christmas trees and delicious food stalls fill the streets, attracting visitors from all over the world. The air is full of happiness, and the smell of doughnuts- although I don’t know which is better!🍩 So, grab a Baileys hot chocolate and take a ride on the carousel…🎠 I promise you won’t regret it! Or just spend the afternoon inside decorating your house in #Christmassy pyjamas! The opportunities are endless. York is the place to be during the winter months. My only advice would be to make sure you bring a bobble-hat and gloves🧤, it’s pretty cold up north! However, enduring the north-pole like conditions is 100% #worthit to experience a York Christmas! ✨

How to choose your university – Why I chose York

It’s September. You’ve returned to sixth-form to find your first assembly back is on: UCAS and applying to university. *Cue meltdown*   How to choose your university But seriously – how do you decide which course you want to do nevermind which university you study it at? Seems impossible right? (It gets even worse when your … Continue reading How to choose your university – Why I chose York