Show me the money: making scholarships more visible

The University offers about 100 different scholarships every year, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it. There’s no central scholarships office, so no central database of what’s on offer to who. Most are administered and advertised by individual departments. It can take a bit of digging to find the details.

Building a scholarship template

We’ve been working on new content types for publishing scholarships online. Using a template gives scholarship pages a consistent look and layout, which helps users quickly identify the key elements of each.

It works in a similar way to existing news or events templates: you need a separate page for each scholarship. There are lots of fields to fill in – they’re not all compulsory, but the more you can complete the easier it will be for eligible students to find your scholarship.

Automated scholarship listings

Scholarships are full of details about:

  • Which courses they apply to
  • How much they’re worth
  • Who can apply
  • How to apply
  • When the deadline is
  • Etc…

Using a template means we can codify this as metadata, allowing us to effectively build a database populated by the same template that publishes the scholarship to the website.

This means we can – for the first time – automate scholarship listings! They can be filtered by year of entry, application deadline, level of study, nationality, department and a whole load more.

But we need your help

To be useful, the automated listings need as many scholarships as possible to use the new template. If you’ve got a scholarship to advertise then please get in touch with and we’ll get you set up.

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Tom Lock

I'm Tom, a content producer at the University of York. Most of my work is focused on student recruitment. I also lead on features on the University homepage and convene the Style Council (who maintain York's in-house style guide).

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