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Starting to prepare for uni doesn’t have to mean reading, studying and getting ready for more advanced academic work. Of course, making your way through any reading lists, required pre-uni work, or even just researching some topics related to your course, is important. But university life is more than academia, and so your preparation needs to be too!

Learn how to cook

You definitely don’t need to be a professional in the kitchen. But having a few recipes you know you’re confident cooking and can do well, is so important.

Finding and mastering recipes that are simple, cheap and quick to make is a must-do before you start university. What you eat can really affect your mood, health and studies so it’s more important than you might initially think.


Before you come to uni, be aware of how much money you will have throughout the term and budget accordingly. This will mean that you’re less likely to overspend and leave yourself short at the end of term.

Whilst it’s completely normal to be worried about finances before you come to university, working out how much you will have to spend will hopefully mean you feel better about budgeting and being financially independent.

Feeling homesick

I personally didn’t get homesick when I first came to university because it wasn’t the first time I had lived away from home. So I found it quite easy to adjust to being away from my family and town. However, I know the same was not true for all of my first year flatmates. Some of them really struggled with homesickness.

Talk to others

It can be so difficult in the first few weeks before you’re completely comfortable with your flatmates. But making sure no one feels ashamed of being homesick is definitely really important.

I think people can become embarrassed that they’re missing home, despite (usually) only just coming to the end of their teenage years. Check up on each other and make sure that homesickness is openly and honestly spoken about. This can really help and can make conversations easier.

Try not to go home straight away

Although it’s far easier said than done, not going home, at least for the first few weekends, is often the way to overcome homesickness. It takes a lot of courage and determination not going home, despite really wishing to be back. But often it becomes easier to be away from home the more you do it and the longer you do it for. So perhaps make a pact with yourself or with your family that you won’t go back for the first few weekends. It can be a helpful step in the right direction.

Keep yourself busy

Keeping busy is my top tip for dealing with homesickness. Throwing yourself wholeheartedly into university life ensures you won’t be constantly thinking about home and everything you’re missing. Plus, taking part in societies, taster sessions and general university life, means you’re more likely to be making new friends and becoming more comfortable with being away from home.

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Hi, my name's Morgan and I'm a 2nd Year Biology student at York.