Hot off the press: our Print Society

At the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) societies meeting I found myself sitting next to a lovely member of HackSoc, the university’s Computer Science society. He asked what society I am involved in and when I brightly replied, “Print Soc,” he immediately looked confused.  “So that’s printers?” “Printing presses. Think the big old machines … Continue reading Hot off the press: our Print Society

Beyond your course: societies

There are lots of things that you can get involved in at university beyond your degree course. One of these is joining societies. I have been involved in two throughout my time at university – Christian Focus & SAGGY (Scouts And Girl Guides York). I’ve met people who have similar interests as me and made … Continue reading Beyond your course: societies

Top tips for revising

We asked some of our students to share their top revision tips: Chloe, BA English Plan lots of mini-breaks Revise what you don’t know, not what you do, even if it is the easiest option! Use lots of colour. Make your revision notes visually appealing so they’re nicer to look at. Xavier, LLB Law Don’t … Continue reading Top tips for revising

My top 3 revision tips

Make mind maps After doing your reading and revising the content, mind maps are a great way of creating an overview of the material you’ve covered for each topic. When I studied for my Literature A-Level, I made mind-maps for each character/theme and included quotes and elaboration in each of the branches. It helped condense … Continue reading My top 3 revision tips

Things to look forward to about Social and Political Sciences (SPS) at York

The range of content With an SPS degree you’ll be studying across three different departments, so naturally the breadth of subjects you cover is super broad. The course gives you a basic grounding in each of three disciplines in your first year, offering you an introduction to politics, sociology and social policy. You will then … Continue reading Things to look forward to about Social and Political Sciences (SPS) at York