It’s a balancing act!

University life is wonderful but as you might have been able to tell from my last blog, I’m a busy bee! Due to this, everyday things can even feel like a stress or struggle, like finding time to food shop, do the washing, clean your bathroom and even just eating lunch! So how can you … Continue reading It’s a balancing act!

Busy busy busy, how can you make the most of extracurricular activities?

I am the biggest believer in productivity and snapping up every opportunity that comes my way. In my first year I said yes to so many things and I’ve made incredible friends and wonderful memories from doing so. However, you’re also starting a new course, learning how to look after yourself, meeting new people and … Continue reading Busy busy busy, how can you make the most of extracurricular activities?

Term three approaches, and it’s almost time for Roses!

It’s coming up to that time when exams are beginning to creep up on us unsuspecting students, and the year is reaching its final chapter. The biggest highlight of summer term without a doubt is Roses, an annual inter-university sports tournament against Lancaster, in which each uni take it in turns to host a large scale campus … Continue reading Term three approaches, and it’s almost time for Roses!

Top reasons to love York

So I’ve come home for a while over the Easter break. I’ve spent quality time with my family, caught up with friends and eaten loads of home cooked food and far too much chocolate!! But, having been back for a few weeks now, I’m really missing York and uni life! It’s got me thinking about … Continue reading Top reasons to love York

Let’s dance!

So I thought I’d tell you a little a bit more about my favourite society… I have been involved with the Dance Society from the very beginning of my time here at York and I am about to start my second year as a member of the committee! It’s one of the most inclusive, fun loving … Continue reading Let’s dance!

What do your fees get you?

Have you ever thought about what is actually available to you when you go to university? Here are 10 insights on what you can get for your fees. Before I go into the reasons, I want to touch on the issue of student debt. Many people are worried about the debt that comes with going to … Continue reading What do your fees get you?

Keeeeeeeeep dancing!

University is a great way to try new things and discover your passion for something previously unknown; whether it is an academic topic, a sport, or a society. At the end of my first year, I went to the University of York Swing Dance Society’s first ever lesson, simply because it was free! Since then, … Continue reading Keeeeeeeeep dancing!