3 reasons to study Archaeology at The University of York

Deciding which is the best university, where you’ll spend the next three years of your life, is an almighty task. I have therefore come up with three incredible simple reasons why the University of York is an amazing university for you to study Archaeology at. 1. King’s Manor The Department of Archaeology is not actually based … Continue reading 3 reasons to study Archaeology at The University of York

Problem Based Learning

I have had a lot of questions about PBL so I thought I’d go into a bit more depth about what it entails. Example Scenario- recent news article about an employee who has written a “tell all” book about their employer and it is about to be published. The example itself will be about a … Continue reading Problem Based Learning

Exams Approaching…

If you have been keeping up to date with my blogs, you will know that I chose to stay in York for the Easter holidays instead of going home. This has been very productive and I got to appreciate the peace and quiet of the University. As I said before, the main reason for staying at university … Continue reading Exams Approaching…

A Typical Week

Hello from the other side…of term! Sorry, that was terrible, but I am happy enough to be done with Spring term that I’ll forgive myself a bad Adele intro. First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by our online chat event! One thing I was asked was: what is a typical day like? The answer: … Continue reading A Typical Week