Support available at York

Perhaps it’s not the first thing you think about when choosing universities, but it’s important to explore what support options are available, if or when you need them. As someone who has been in contact with a few of the different support services here at York, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of … Continue reading Support available at York

What the History of Art Department has to offer!

Hi there! I’m Aneeska, a second year History of Art undergrad. I chose York because of the welcoming nature of the department on the open day. I have really enjoyed my time in York so far, and the support and great opportunities on offer from the department has really made my experience!

5 reasons to choose York

It can feel overwhelming when it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of the many different universities you may be looking at applying to this year. So, let’s make your job easier by sharing with you five reasons why York could be the university for you. 1. THE CAMPUS York is a campus … Continue reading 5 reasons to choose York

If you need a helping hand …

Right about now I’m sure you’re being constantly reminded how great University is (or might be for you!), the fun and excitement it entails… the topics you can delve into… yada yada yada… And I COMPLETELY agree! In fact in the last few posts I’ve being trying to coax you into studying at York precisely because … Continue reading If you need a helping hand …

The PEP Identity at York

Last time I was babbling on about how great the variety available in PEP degrees is. Although, it’s come to my attention that this flexibility can actually be a cause of concern for many uncertain and weary onlooking sixth formers. Most of the time, at York, PEP students aren’t just in lectures and seminars with … Continue reading The PEP Identity at York