Beyond Study Abroad – 2017 Young Diplomats Forum, Riga, Latvia

What is it? The Young Diplomats Forum (YDF) is a week of workshops, policy development group exercises, institutional and cultural visits and an opportunity to hear world leading experts debate on a variety of contemporary global and political topics. After receiving an email from the Centre for Global Programmes at York advertising the opportunity, and … Continue reading Beyond Study Abroad – 2017 Young Diplomats Forum, Riga, Latvia

Moving on from York

In this blog post I’m going to give my personal advice about moving on from university – I hope you find it helpful. Start early  It might seem a long way off but a key piece of advice would be to start thinking about what you might like to do in the future early. This way … Continue reading Moving on from York

How to relax during exams

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that as soon as exams roll in, so do the sun and the high-twenties temperature. You are probably (certainly) battling procrastination or need a break from spending hours bent over sheets of paper at your bedroom’s desk (because the library gets busy from very early in the morning, and, … Continue reading How to relax during exams