Day in the Life of a Theatre Student

Early (by my standards) in the morning – Current Trends lecture Today, my day starts at 11.30am, with a Current Trends lecture. This is an optional module which incorporates a weekly new topic. Today we are looking at environmentally friendly theatre. We have a guest speaker to tell us all about his zero waste, carbon … Continue reading Day in the Life of a Theatre Student

Coming Up Next at York…

Hello! How have your studies been going?! I hope you’re well and have been having a great Easter! It’s almost the start of a new term for me, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve got coming up in the next term, how I’ve prepared for it, and what else will be coming … Continue reading Coming Up Next at York…

How and why I chose York!

Hey everyone! Well, that’s another term at York done for me here. It’s certainly been busy and hectic, but incredibly rewarding. How have things been going for you? In this blog, since I’ve been doing a lot more Student Ambassador work in the Department, I thought it might be nice to theme it more broadly … Continue reading How and why I chose York!

The City of York!

Hello! Welcome to my third blog for the Student Voices blog collection! So far I’ve talked about how I got to York, and about what it’s like to study here in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television. Now, in this blog, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about what York is … Continue reading The City of York!

Studying in TFTV

Hello! How was your Christmas? I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and that you stuffed your faces and had a great break! (In any order). In this blog post I thought it’d be a good idea to tell you about the sort of things I get up to in a typical week studying … Continue reading Studying in TFTV