Make Your Money go Further

It’s a daunting, but also exhilarating prospect that university will be the first time most people will have full responsibility of their finances. That being the case, when you receive that coveted, rather large chunk of money shortly after you move in – aka student loan – it can be far too tempting to splurge … Continue reading Make Your Money go Further

Hidden Gems of Campus

Starting any uni is a daunting prospect, but York being a campus university definitely eases the transition and being familiar with aspects of it that many students aren’t aware of until their 2nd or 3rd year will put you that extra step ahead. Plus, these hidden gems will make a great talking point with your … Continue reading Hidden Gems of Campus

Weekly Adventures of a University of York Health Sciences Student

Hi, I’m Camila. I am an international student completing the Masters in Public Health program. I’ve been at the University of York only since September. Coming from Canada, I sometimes stop, look around, and wonder how it is I came to live somewhere so breathtaking; so worldly, yet small and friendly; a place where almost every … Continue reading Weekly Adventures of a University of York Health Sciences Student

What’s in a Master’s?

Hello! Seeing as it’s the reason I’m here in York, I thought I’d do this blog on my degree itself. I’m studying for an MSc in Forensic Speech Science as part of the Department of Language and Linguistic Science. I promise I won’t over-burden you with every module, but I want to give you a … Continue reading What’s in a Master’s?