Psychology at York: the Best Bits

Sense of Community My favourite thing about the psychology department at York is the sense of community. I didn’t experience this vibe at any other university I visited. They make no secret of the fact that as a psychology student here, every single event in your timetable will take place in their wonderful pink building. I … Continue reading Psychology at York: the Best Bits

Psychology and The Future!

Hi all! After being a student ambassador for some Open Days at the University of York this week, I have realised that a particular worry people have when choosing a Psychology degree, is where it will take them in the future. So… I thought I would give you an insight into some of the careers … Continue reading Psychology and The Future!

Revision, Revision… Results!!

Hello! So, by now, York will (of course) be your first choice… and you’re starting to think “but it’s so amazingly perfect I don’t want to go anywhere else, what if I don’t get in?!” DO NOT STRESS! Firstly… Getting worked up about whether or not you’ll get into York will only put more pressure on … Continue reading Revision, Revision… Results!!