Why I Chose York

The College System Before starting at uni I was worried about living away from home in university halls and having to live more independently. The college system really helped me to settle in and form friendships straight away during Freshers’ Week. This sense of college community and support was one of the reasons why I … Continue reading Why I Chose York

What’s university really like?

No two university experiences are the same. Being at York for over a year now, I thought I’d share some of the things that I didn’t know before coming to university which you might find useful. Instagram vs reality At my sixth form, the majority of students weren’t applying to university, so student life wasn’t … Continue reading What’s university really like?

Introducing our student bloggers

Hi! We’re the student blogging team for 2018/19. In our own words, we’ll give you an authentic insight into what life as a York student is really like. Let’s introduce ourselves: Aiko Hiya, I’m Aiko, I study Marketing with a Year in Industry and I’m a second year in Langwith College. An interesting fact about … Continue reading Introducing our student bloggers

5 reasons to choose York

It can feel overwhelming when it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of the many different universities you may be looking at applying to this year. So, let’s make your job easier by sharing with you five reasons why York could be the university for you. 1. THE CAMPUS York is a campus … Continue reading 5 reasons to choose York

It’s the small things

Hey everyone!! To start this post I’ll tell you about a revelation. Some may call it an epiphany, while some may not. I AM HALFWAY THROUGH MY DEGREE!!! That, my friends, is a scary fact! When I think that some of my closest friends and I didn’t even know each other less than 2 years … Continue reading It’s the small things