“What do you want to do after uni?”

To be honest, you probably read the title of this and thought ‘oh god, not that question again’. We’ve all been there, especially when your degree is not a mainstream one. Following a chat with one of my fellow art historians, I have come to the conclusion that career paths, unless you know what you want … Continue reading “What do you want to do after uni?”

Nursing at York: The Placement / Theory / Life Balance

I’ve written before that nursing is a full-time course with long hours and 45 weeks of the year, so let’s talk about balance. I think now I’m half way through my second year, I’ve almost nailed it! University life is about more than learning and academia. It’s about friendship, growth and drinking (just kidding, sort … Continue reading Nursing at York: The Placement / Theory / Life Balance

Explore York on a budget…10 fun places to visit!

One of the advantages of attending the University of York is that you will be in the heart of one of the UK’s most beautiful and historic cities. Believe it or not, you can explore York by spending very little or nothing at all. If like me, you are always looking for things to do … Continue reading Explore York on a budget…10 fun places to visit!

Things to Consume: Passive Learning

Active thinking can be quite unpleasant and sometimes – despite not being the best way to learn – it’s nice to just sit back and absorb information. Books If you’re looking into Natural Sciences or a discipline within it, then there are some really great books out there to give you some insight into your subject. … Continue reading Things to Consume: Passive Learning

Having Erasmus Flatmates

While typically the purpose of Erasmus is to discover and experience a culture different from yours, in my case it has been even more than that. Obviously there is a majority of British students on my course and I’ve also met others outside of it, but having other Erasmus students as flatmates has given me the … Continue reading Having Erasmus Flatmates

A Day in the Life of a Linguistics Student

When I first came to visit the University of York, look around the campus and test out some of the student union cafés, I didn’t really know what linguistics actually was. I’d been recommended it by a teacher at my college but she hadn’t said much more than “it’s a lot about language, you’ll love … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Linguistics Student

Living in Halls: Day 1

Ahh, university halls, that place where you’ll spend a significant part of your first year; where you’ll make your first friends and where you’ll make some of your favourite memories. “But what is it actually like?” you may ask. Well, sit back, relax, and get ready to know everything you need to know about your … Continue reading Living in Halls: Day 1

What is a Digital Leader?

In December I was selected to be one of the Digital Leaders representing the University of York for 2017. The Digital Leaders program is an initiative funded by Santander, for university students with a combination of creative and entrepreneurial talents in the digital field. Still not sure what I’m talking about? In this blog, I … Continue reading What is a Digital Leader?

Societies: all or nothing?

Kayaking, Italian, Amnesty International, York Anti-Trafficking Student Group, Christian Union, York Model United Nations….. Woah woah woah! Slow down! There’s too much to choose from. You can get involved in loads of societies in your first year. I certainly did, and why not? Uni is a unique environment where you can try many different things … Continue reading Societies: all or nothing?

Restaurants in York

York has many lovely restaurants and being a bit of a foodie I have tried many of them myself, with friends, family and most often, my boyfriend. Going out for food is a fantastic way to catch up with friends or just to unwind after a stressful term. Missoula Montana Bar & Grill has been a firm … Continue reading Restaurants in York