My Weekly Environment

As an Environmental Science student, some days are busier and start earlier than others. This depends on what is happening in each module and what deadlines are coming up. Any spare time I have during the day I spend in a computer room in the library. This is the only place I can really focus … Continue reading My Weekly Environment

2nd year so far!

Hello! I’m Charlie, a 2nd year Environment, Economics and Ecology (EEE) student. It’s coming up to Christmas and this academic year has already been packed full! During the summer vacation I was lucky enough to gain a paid internship in the University’s Environment department. Yes paid! It involved working with lecturers to communicate ecosystem services … Continue reading 2nd year so far!

Geography/Environment at York – Three Unique Selling Points

  Having chosen your subject area and whittled your university choices down to five, it’s now time to give some serious thought towards which options will become your firm and insurance choices. At this stage I’d suggest you really need to establish exactly what it is that makes each of your options different from one … Continue reading Geography/Environment at York – Three Unique Selling Points