Why I Chose York

With so many great universities around, making the choice about where you want to study your degree is far from easy. Whilst it’s true that all universities hold their own appeal, I know I’m not alone when I say that the University of York is special. In fact, within the first hour of visiting campus, … Continue reading Why I Chose York

Why I chose Hull York Medical School

The first thing that made Hull York Medical School stand out to me was the friendly atmosphere of the interviews. Medical interviews can often be daunting and, if you feel intimidated, you can come out feeling like you were not able to give your best performance. I actually enjoyed talking to the interviewers and I … Continue reading Why I chose Hull York Medical School

Introducing our student bloggers

Hi! We’re the student blogging team for 2018/19. In our own words, we’ll give you an authentic insight into what life as a York student is really like. Let’s introduce ourselves: Aiko Hiya, I’m Aiko, I study Marketing with a Year in Industry and I’m a second year in Langwith College. An interesting fact about … Continue reading Introducing our student bloggers

Speaking Truthfully: An honest review of the University of York’s Department of Philosophy

The Philosophy department is a quaint, fairly small looking building that sits between Vanbrugh and Wentworth College. The lobby area has recently been extended so as you walk in it is not unusual to see a few students dotted amongst the sofas frantically typing essays or talking to their lecturers. Philosophy itself is a challenging … Continue reading Speaking Truthfully: An honest review of the University of York’s Department of Philosophy

Psychology and The Future!

Hi all! After being a student ambassador for some Open Days at the University of York this week, I have realised that a particular worry people have when choosing a Psychology degree, is where it will take them in the future. So… I thought I would give you an insight into some of the careers … Continue reading Psychology and The Future!