A short guide of how to survive your first month at the University of York

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post! My name is Roberta and I am a second year Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance student at the University of York. I can’t wait to share with you a bit of student life “wisdom” (joking…wise, me?!). Aaaanyway, to start off I’ve decided to talk about moving … Continue reading A short guide of how to survive your first month at the University of York

A few Environment FAQs…

What is a typical week like? In my first year, I typically had between 10 and 15 contact hours, spread evenly across the week. These consisted of lectures, tutorials, field trips and seminars. I always had time for myself to catch up on lectures, work at my part time job and to spend time with … Continue reading A few Environment FAQs…

The PEP Identity at York

Last time I was babbling on about how great the variety available in PEP degrees is. Although, it’s come to my attention that this flexibility can actually be a cause of concern for many uncertain and weary onlooking sixth formers. Most of the time, at York, PEP students aren’t just in lectures and seminars with … Continue reading The PEP Identity at York

College, Courses and Cases!

Hello again everyone! I thought I’d base this blog mainly on accommodation as that’s likely to be your next step in preparation for coming to York (because you obviously chose us!) York has a number of different colleges housing students of all years, over two campuses – Campus West (where Psychology is based) and Campus East. … Continue reading College, Courses and Cases!