A week in the life of a Film and Television student

Hello! I’m Jonny and I’m in my first year at York studying Film and Television Production. I’ve not been here for a long time but I’m already loving the course. It’s very expansive and covers the analysis, history and production of film and television. From the excellent teaching staff to the industry-standard facilities, York allows … Continue reading A week in the life of a Film and Television student

Behind the scenes filming at TFTV

And action! As part of our postgraduate degrees, we were set a group task to create a short film revolving around an action sequence. We decided on a film-noir type short about a former convict detailing a botched prison escape. This was our second of three days of shooting and also the most exciting since we … Continue reading Behind the scenes filming at TFTV

My degree and confidence

By now, you’re probably eagerly awaiting your offers or even prepping for interviews. While some of you could not be more excited to start uni, a lot of you might also feel a tiny bit unsure about your subject choice. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, I still feel that way. In this post, … Continue reading My degree and confidence