Three things to look forward to as a natural scientist

Variety (is the spice of life) If you’re considering applying for a natural sciences degree, then chances are you haven’t completely decided where your future lies. Not everyone has their life planned out after their studies are over. A lot of people can’t decide, after finishing school, which single subject they want to study – … Continue reading Three things to look forward to as a natural scientist

What even is Social Policy?

A question thrown around a lot during Freshers’ week is “What do you study?”. It’s a nice, easy question to initiate a conversation as you get to know more people. Or that was what I thought, until my response of ‘Social Policy’ often received rather confused looks! Indeed, when asked to expand upon my chosen … Continue reading What even is Social Policy?

The things I’ve learnt…..

Hello, Welcome to my spring blog. It’s a new term, a new season, a new organised me. Ok, maybe not, but in terms of being an organised mummy fitting in children, placement, studying, running, a crazy cocker spaniel oh, and my husband of course, I’ve learnt how not to do things along the way. At … Continue reading The things I’ve learnt…..