Criminology Modules

Just as you guys probably have work to do this Christmas, so do we! University students work hard over the Christmas break to prepare for assessments and write up essays. In for next term I’ve a 3000-word essay on environmental crime, a 1750-word essay on policy networks, and a portfolio (3 600-word mini-essays and a compilation of … Continue reading Criminology Modules

English Lit April 2016

It is with some trepidation that I admit to you the dark secret of university life: you actually have to do some work in order to gain a degree.  Horrifying thought I know, especially to those of you currently wading through the quagmire of despair also known as A-level revision.  But English essays at York … Continue reading English Lit April 2016

Christmas, New Year and Essays!

Most modules for the Social Policy and Applied Social Science pathways have no exams, which is great but does mean you have lots of essays and assignments to do throughout the year. This Christmas break I had three to do – two essays and one Social Research Methods assignment. The titles get released around mid … Continue reading Christmas, New Year and Essays!

Finding the Fun in Formatives

With November rolling around, many students will be recovering from their post Hallowe’en hangovers, enjoying one of the many firework displays in York, and getting in a frenzied panic about just who the hell they’re going to choose to live with next year, having only known the majority of their friends for a month and … Continue reading Finding the Fun in Formatives