Christmas as a Criminology Student

Christmas is always the best time of the year to relax and unwind with family and friends. However when you are a student Christmas is still a time you feel you should be studying and continuing with your work. This Christmas has been a great one, with lots of fun activities happening throughout the festive period.

As a third year Criminology student, this Christmas is quite daunting as I know this may be the last Christmas holiday I will have to study and do academic work. This time next Christmas, University will be finished forever and hopefully I will be in a full time job, earning money and being able to afford great gifts for my family and friends.

The second term of my final year

As the second term of final year is approaching fast and commencing this week, it is time to hand in my three essays. I have been working endlessly on these for the past seven weeks, from the end of last term and throughout the holidays. This is the life and Christmas holidays of a Criminology final year student. On the other hand, I did have time to relax and unwind whilst I was abroad at the beginning of the holidays when I visited Mallorca for 5 days.

This holiday enabled me to come back and look at my work with a critical eye, something which is important in furthering your work. Now my essays are completed and ready to hand in, starting my work before the end of last term enabled me to relax and de-stress to some extent over the holidays. This is what I would suggest to all students, plan ahead to allow for extra time to relax and enjoy the festive break.

New term, new modules

As this is a new term at the University of York, new modules shall commence and this means new lectures, a fresh focus and again more essays to complete over the Easter holidays too. I am looking forward to these new modules, one which is called Theoretical Criminology which will be taught within the Sociology Department, and another called The Governance of Security which will be taught within the Politics Department. This is a new experience for me in Third year as I have selected a module taught within the Politics Department, this should be very interesting and insightful to another department but also to a new topic open to me.

The Politics of Christmas
The Politics of Christmas

This is one of the big selling points for Criminology at York, as you are able to select modules from different departments throughout your degree to help you gain more skills, information, interest and insight to other modules which can influence your subject. Within Criminology you will be offered the opportunity to take up modules in departments such as Law, Politics, Social Policy and Sociology. All of which can enhance your learning and experience of York.

So now I am heading back to York, to commence the second term of my final year and look forward to my new modules, enhance my learning and also see my friends who I haven’t seen over Christmas!

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I am Alex and I am a third year Criminology student at The University Of York. I am currently a member of Vanbrugh College and a member of the JCRC (junior common room committee) as the Vice Chair of Welfare until Christmas.