Support available at York

Perhaps it’s not the first thing you think about when choosing universities, but it’s important to explore what support options are available, if or when you need them. As someone who has been in contact with a few of the different support services here at York, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of … Continue reading Support available at York

Three things to look forward to as a natural scientist

Variety (is the spice of life) If you’re considering applying for a natural sciences degree, then chances are you haven’t completely decided where your future lies. Not everyone has their life planned out after their studies are over. A lot of people can’t decide, after finishing school, which single subject they want to study – … Continue reading Three things to look forward to as a natural scientist

Three things to look forward to about Electronic Engineering at York

What can you look forward to if you choose to study Electronic Engineering at the fab institution which is the University of York? When I first came here, I was a naive fresher; nervous about the course, rife with anxieties, and generally unsure of what to expect. I questioned whether I’d made the right choice … Continue reading Three things to look forward to about Electronic Engineering at York

What the History of Art Department has to offer!

Hi there! I’m Aneeska, a second year History of Art undergrad. I chose York because of the welcoming nature of the department on the open day. I have really enjoyed my time in York so far, and the support and great opportunities on offer from the department has really made my experience!

Midwifery and me!

Hi! New to blogging so here goes! I’m so excited to get back to University, we have just had two lovely weeks off for Christmas. I was able to spend some well earnt time relaxing with my husband, children and our crazy dalmatian. We even had a little holiday to visit the ‘big man’ in … Continue reading Midwifery and me!

Settling in at university

  Chat to Jamie at our online chat event for Arts and Humanities. It’s happening on Monday 6th March from 16.00 – 18.00 GMT.  Register for the online chat.     Around two years ago last month I sent off my own UCAS application, and like you, ‘enjoyed’ the tense wait for offers. Having travelled … Continue reading Settling in at university

Careers Help

I know it’s a little early to start thinking about careers, but let it comfort you that at York, you have a lot of guidance and support along the way. Careers Advice At York we have our own law careers advisor (Chris Wilkinson). He has worked in law and now works as a tutor for … Continue reading Careers Help