What even is Social Policy?

A question thrown around a lot during Freshers’ week is “What do you study?”. It’s a nice, easy question to initiate a conversation as you get to know more people. Or that was what I thought, until my response of ‘Social Policy’ often received rather confused looks! Indeed, when asked to expand upon my chosen … Continue reading What even is Social Policy?

Criminology Modules

Just as you guys probably have work to do this Christmas, so do we! University students work hard over the Christmas break to prepare for assessments and write up essays. In for next term I’ve a 3000-word essay on environmental crime, a 1750-word essay on policy networks, and a portfolio (3 600-word mini-essays and a compilation of … Continue reading Criminology Modules

So much to do!

Hello everybody, I’m Seyhan, a second year criminology undergraduate and it’s my aim to demonstrate just how good my course, the University and York all are! Time’s flown by and it’s now the sixth week of the academic year, but things haven’t quite slowed down just yet. This no doubt has something to do with the sheer … Continue reading So much to do!

Election Week on Campus, what this means and how it can help.

To begin I would like to say a little bit about my degree and some of the opportunities the department has opened for me so far this term. I am a third year Criminology student in the Sociology Department, and currently beginning my dissertation on Prisoner Education. A couple of weeks ago I attended a public lecture hosted … Continue reading Election Week on Campus, what this means and how it can help.