Finally approaching the end of third year- Some top tips

So the end is finally in sight for all third year students here at the university. Numerous questions are flying around including, what are you doing after university? The answer is, I am still unsure; however, I aim to apply to join the probation service. Applications should soon be open to join the probation service, which I will apply for but at the moment I am concentrating on completing my final two essays and my dissertation. It is currently the Easter holidays, but like the Christmas break, I haven’t had much of one. This is because I am only five weeks away from finishing my whole Criminology degree!

Its great looking back over my time here at York, but it doesn’t seem long ago that I was applying and moving in. Now I am getting ready to leave and take the next step in my life. Entering the big wide world of work is a daunting idea, just like coming to university was three years ago. I want to take this opportunity to think about my time studying at York, and I have come up with some top tips for you to consider when you arrive here.

Number one- Get involved in lots of activities

Getting involved in numerous activities, sports clubs, events, college activities and course events will help you meet lots of different people. This will allow for lots of fun, friends and a great way to use your university time to its maximum. You should do this at the beginning of your degree when you have the time to test different things open to you at university!


Number two- Volunteer

Volunteering is so important to undertake alongside your degree. As mentioned in my previous blog, it allows for great skills to be learnt, meet new people but also allow for further self-development. Volunteering looks great on your CV and enhances your employment opportunities after university. Take the time to research charities and opportunities open to you as you arrive at York and volunteer just a few hours per week, you WILL make a big difference!


Number three- Plan your time

Planning your time is very important. In your first weeks you will be very busy with lectures, readings, seminars, hanging with your friends and many other activities that university offers. Planning your time allows for you to undertake and do everything you wish too. It is very important you enjoy the social side of university, however, remember you are here to study and gain a degree. Plan your time so you are able to do everything you wish.

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Number Four- Second Year module choices

In your first year around second term, you will be asked to begin thinking about your option modules for year two. It seems very soon to be doing so, but university time flies by and it is important you are prepared for the fast moving pace. Have a think about the options open to you; think about the lecturers taking the modules, the assessments and if you would enjoy that module. It can be of benefit to you if you know what areas of study you are interested in, what profession you aim to join after university and maybe select modules to suit your interests. These are all things to consider during your time studying.

Number five- Meeting your academic supervisor

Meeting with your supervisor is extremely important whether you have or do not have concerns about you degree. It is a great chance to communicate your thoughts, talk over exam grades, and chat about your future, anything you wish! It is a great way to build a working relationship and also get some knowledge about future career paths open to you or talk about more personal issues. They are great and very knowledgeable; use them to the best of your ability.

Number six- Stay calm and enjoy your time

University is one of the best times of your life and some will say otherwise. I personally have loved university and have tried to remain calm throughout. It is about learning academically, personally and mentally about yourself and your field too. If you put in the work you will get what you desire. Relax and enjoy.


These are just some top tips I can think of, and I am sure you will speak to other students who have different ones. I have loved university and for me it is nearly over. Enjoy every minute of your time at university as I promise, it flies by!!!

All the best and good luck!!!

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I am Alex and I am a third year Criminology student at The University Of York. I am currently a member of Vanbrugh College and a member of the JCRC (junior common room committee) as the Vice Chair of Welfare until Christmas.

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