Work work work work work….

I’m now well and truly on the “home straight” of my degree (which I cannot believe as I’m writing this!) and in the last year I’ve been thinking a lot about work and what I’m doing next. Where is my degree going to get me? What have I achieved in the last three years? What … Continue reading Work work work work work….

Problem Based Learning

I have had a lot of questions about PBL so I thought I’d go into a bit more depth about what it entails. Example Scenario- recent news article about an employee who has written a “tell all” book about their employer and it is about to be published. The example itself will be about a … Continue reading Problem Based Learning

What can you do with Archaeology?

So, you’ve received your offers to study archaeology, and you may have already decided on your firm choice. This is when you start asking yourself… but what can I do with archaeology? Or at least, that’s what I started thinking when I was at your stage. Granted, this was mostly a result of friends and family … Continue reading What can you do with Archaeology?

Unexpected yacht expertise and other things you might gain from your degree.

Learning at university doesn’t necessarily mean learning things, although you’ll learn some of those as well. You’ll gain a bunch of other skills useful for later life (and some that are not, like how to eat spaghetti with only a spoon). In this blog post I’ll talk about stuff I’ve learned through my degree, that … Continue reading Unexpected yacht expertise and other things you might gain from your degree.


With the new year ahead, it is the perfect time to recap on all of the fantastic projects we have produced. Despite the early stages we were at (in our first year), we began implementing our Java skills from day one. After a term of working with the Processing programming language (built on Java), we … Continue reading Projects