Midwifery and me!

Hi! New to blogging so here goes! I’m so excited to get back to University, we have just had two lovely weeks off for Christmas. I was able to spend some well earnt time relaxing with my husband, children and our crazy dalmatian. We even had a little holiday to visit the ‘big man’ in … Continue reading Midwifery and me!

How to prepare for your first social work practice placement?….

Having recently completed my first placement last December, I thought it would be useful (while everything is still fresh in my memory) to share a few tips on what you should consider in preparing for your first placement. Most student social workers are anxious about their first placement, after all, it is a test run … Continue reading How to prepare for your first social work practice placement?….

Looking forward….

Next term is set to be a busy one! Here’s a few things that I’ll be up to… Assessments due! More of a case of looking forward to having them done rather than actually doing them but still an important landmark. This year I have assessments due for the final deadline in May, what’s great … Continue reading Looking forward….

Getting to Grips with 3rd Year

Hello! So your time to start university is getting closer, and although for you the 3rd year might seem a long way off, it will almost certainly come around much quicker than you ever expected (university has been the quickest 4 years of my life so far!) This blog post is going to be dedicated … Continue reading Getting to Grips with 3rd Year

The big question?

Hello, I thought I would now throw you in at the midwifery deep end with the big question – integrated or block placements? The answer to this question will depend on how you want to spend your time over the next three years. What a question that is! No pressure obviously. Two words… Integrated or … Continue reading The big question?