What makes an SPS student!

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I am currently a 1st year student who is completing a degree in SPS (Social and Political Sciences). I will be using this blog post to emphasize what an amazing and diverse course it is. I currently do one module in Sociology, one module in Social Policy and … Continue reading What makes an SPS student!

What to pack for university

I don’t think a definitive list of what to pack for university exists but there are definitely a few essentials that won’t go amiss, unfortunately, none of it is very exciting. Cutlery, cups, plates and cooking utensils might seems obvious suggestions but I didn’t pack any of these things and, instead, thought I’d buy them … Continue reading What to pack for university

Keeping up with deadlines

 Hello all, I’m Freddy. I’m a second year Social and Political Sciences student, and I’m going to be blogging about all things York this year. For my first post, I thought it’d be a good idea to keep things nice and simple. Also, in writing this article I’m reminding myself of the great amount of … Continue reading Keeping up with deadlines


At the end of this month, some of you should all have all of your offers made from all of the universities you applied to, and others of you may still be in that process of looking around different places for the next year. Thinking back to all that time ago when I was awaiting … Continue reading Choices

One year on

Happy Christmas, and welcome to 2016! As we approach the new term, and I approach the halfway point of my university life, (not quite sure how we got here so quick), I wanted to just look at what things are different between now, and this time last year, and hopefully give a bit of an … Continue reading One year on

Finding the Fun in Formatives

With November rolling around, many students will be recovering from their post Hallowe’en hangovers, enjoying one of the many firework displays in York, and getting in a frenzied panic about just who the hell they’re going to choose to live with next year, having only known the majority of their friends for a month and … Continue reading Finding the Fun in Formatives