5 things to look forward to about studying Social Policy at York

Innovative modules and assignments The great thing about studying Social Policy at York is the innovative modules we get to do! Imagine one minute you’re working with prisoners at HMP Buckley Hall and the next, you’re playing the role of Secretary of State for Health trying to get funding from the Treasury for your latest … Continue reading 5 things to look forward to about studying Social Policy at York

Social Policy in Action!

Monday The second Monday back after Christmas usually consists of getting everything ready for the coming term, introductory lectures and seminars and catching up with housemates. 9-10am: Shreddies! I usually start the day by having some Shreddies (enabling me to function) whilst catching up with the latest headlines on the TV. I usually head off … Continue reading Social Policy in Action!

So much to look forward to

It is amazing how quickly time flies. Having just turned 21 and now well over half way through my time at university, I feel I really ought to be acting like a proper, full-time adult… I’ll let you know when that happens (don’t hold your breath). Despite shortly entering the summer term and then finishing for … Continue reading So much to look forward to

What even is Social Policy?

A question thrown around a lot during Freshers’ week is “What do you study?”. It’s a nice, easy question to initiate a conversation as you get to know more people. Or that was what I thought, until my response of ‘Social Policy’ often received rather confused looks! Indeed, when asked to expand upon my chosen … Continue reading What even is Social Policy?


Moving to university was the first occasion I had spent any extended time away from home, and I imagine this will be similar for many of you. Whilst moving into halls initially seemed extremely daunting, you soon will find that you soon settle in, make new friends and (possibly less quickly) become accustomed to living more … Continue reading Independence

Chill out it’s Christmas!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas break so far. I feel such excitement for Christmas – I will be spending time with my family and friends, although I still have work to do with my assignments due in January. I have been described as someone who is prone to working ‘too … Continue reading Chill out it’s Christmas!

Your adventure

Hi everyone Since this is my first post I will start by telling you a little bit about myself and why I chose to study at the University of York. I thought it might be nice if I was able to share some things I have learnt since beginning university and therefore I will try to … Continue reading Your adventure