What makes uni different to A levels?

One of the things most students wonder about before coming to university is what makes uni different to A levels. You might believe that university is a huge step-up from A levels: but you shouldn’t see it as an insurmountable challenge. University is simply an opportunity to learn in a different way and to practice … Continue reading What makes uni different to A levels?

What’s Uni Really Like? (as told through the medium of song…kind of)

“It’s going to be the best time of your life!” “You’re going to make so many new friends!” “You’ll walk on to campus and instantly meet your soulmate!” There are a thousand and one things people say to you when you mention that you’re about to start uni, and some of them are truer than others. … Continue reading What’s Uni Really Like? (as told through the medium of song…kind of)

Rowing at the University of York

My name is Rosie and I am a third year sociology student. In my first year, I picked up rowing as a novice and haven’t regretted it since! Prior to uni, I wasn’t very sporty. I only wandered around the sports section of Freshers’ Fair purely because my flatmate wanted to, I hadn’t intended to … Continue reading Rowing at the University of York

Undergrad to postgrad transition

The transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study can be a little overwhelming.  Here’s what it’s been like for me. I’m currently a Masters student in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science studying Forensic Speech Science – which is a mouthful to say all at once. I graduated from my Linguistics BA last July here … Continue reading Undergrad to postgrad transition

Societies: all or nothing?

Kayaking, Italian, Amnesty International, York Anti-Trafficking Student Group, Christian Union, York Model United Nations….. Woah woah woah! Slow down! There’s too much to choose from. You can get involved in loads of societies in your first year. I certainly did, and why not? Uni is a unique environment where you can try many different things … Continue reading Societies: all or nothing?