Christmas, New Year and Essays!

Most modules for the Social Policy and Applied Social Science pathways have no exams, which is great but does mean you have lots of essays and assignments to do throughout the year. This Christmas break I had three to do – two essays and one Social Research Methods assignment. The titles get released around mid term which gives you quite a lot of time to do them if you have the motivation to get started early – which is advisable but doesn’t always happen! Having lots of work set at the same time can get a bit daunting but, as long as you plan out your time well, it is manageable. Over the holidays I just tried to get a little bit done a day so that I still had time to spend with my friends and family and most importantly enjoy Christmas! Most essays you complete will be submitted online which is good as you don’t have to worry about having last minute printer issues and means you can submit them from home if you want a little more time before going back.12544837_1235819339768239_1071646657_o

The tutors are really helpful and make sure to spend time in lectures/ seminars going over the essay questions and some will ask you to submit a plan for them to look at and give feedback. Plus if you have questions all of them are available to email which is useful too. All the resources from the term are put up on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) so if you need to look back at any lectures or find some reading this can be easily done. While essay writing is never going to be an particularly enjoyable experience, with so many resources and guidance available it certainly makes it a lot easier.

This term I am looking forward to continuing with my modules which I thoroughly enjoyed in the Autumn term. I will also be starting to plan my placement for my third year which is exciting and will be sure to write lots about this as it is such a beneficial feature of the course and is one of the many reasons I chose it.

Hope all of your university applications and studies are going well and that you are considering York as it is so good!

Katherine x

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I'm a second year Applied Social Science Student at the University of York, I'm interested in politics and social justice and enjoy volunteering in my spare time. So far I have had a fantastic time at York and hope you enjoy reading about it :)