My life as a sociology student

Sociology is a lively subject, full of discussion and debate amongst many different types of students. It’s a subject where you learn new things when you’re least expecting it, and this is my life! My academic life Starting from scratch, I spend around 8 hours a week in lectures and 4 hours in seminars. Seminars … Continue reading My life as a sociology student

The Week of a Sociology Student

Hi Guys! I’m Lauren and I am a 2nd Year student studying sociology at York. So far my university experience has been so fun, educating and very versatile. With topics varying from reality TV to body hair removal, York has a really contemporary Sociology department, dealing with the most up-to-date issues within society. I’ve lived … Continue reading The Week of a Sociology Student

Why I love Sociology at York

Hi everyone, When I received my letter saying I had got my place at York, the realisation of moving away from home hit me like a truck and I suddenly became very nervous about this new stage of my life. However, the one part of the University which helped the transition was the Sociology department. … Continue reading Why I love Sociology at York

Restaurants in York

York has many lovely restaurants and being a bit of a foodie I have tried many of them myself, with friends, family and most often, my boyfriend. Going out for food is a fantastic way to catch up with friends or just to unwind after a stressful term. Missoula Montana Bar & Grill has been a firm … Continue reading Restaurants in York

What even is Social Policy?

A question thrown around a lot during Freshers’ week is “What do you study?”. It’s a nice, easy question to initiate a conversation as you get to know more people. Or that was what I thought, until my response of ‘Social Policy’ often received rather confused looks! Indeed, when asked to expand upon my chosen … Continue reading What even is Social Policy?

Free activities in York

Having just had Christmas and New Year, I think I speak for many when I say my bank account took a beating. However, York has lots to offer when it comes to free (and cheap) things to do. I find it’s important to find time for yourself amongst a busy week of studying to relax … Continue reading Free activities in York

Why York?

Christmas is approaching fast, many UCAS applications will now be complete and some will be receiving offers to their chosen five. Luckily, much of the hard work in choosing where to go is done. I remember being absolutely overwhelmed by the choice available to me – there I was with a subject I wanted to … Continue reading Why York?