Easy ways to save money at York

£££££ Dealing with money is a frustrating thing, I hear you. It’s tempting to shut your eyes and ignore your perpetual descent into an overdraft, but here are a few York-specific, money-saving tips to keep a few digits on your bank balance. Mega Stationery Savings I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: PHYS…ICS…SHOP. … Continue reading Easy ways to save money at York

What to do over the holidays

The length of the holidays when you’re at uni is slightly absurd, by real-world standards, but its existence is well justified. What you choose to do in your 3 months of summer holidays can be either very fun or a great CV booster or both. Last summer I made a fair effort at ticking the ‘both’ option. The … Continue reading What to do over the holidays

Between My Two Homes

Having had them very much present for the previous month, it was quite strange leaving friends from uni for the first time. This made it particularly nice to see them all again after a month off for Christmas, skiing and about a million dinner party gatherings to catch up with friends from home! It’s just … Continue reading Between My Two Homes

The Work and Home of NatSci Students

Hello! My plan is to restrain myself from etching down every single event that has occurred in the last 7 weeks since I arrived so, instead, I’m just going to talk about my time as a Natural Sciences student specifically! At York, NatSci students come in many forms: you’ll find them specifying themselves as nanoscientists or neuroscientists … Continue reading The Work and Home of NatSci Students