What a week of Law at York looks like

Academic life The law course is designed around problem-based learning (PBL), whereby students are divided into groups, or ‘law firms’, at the start of first term. Throughout the term, you are required to work with your ‘law firm’ in solving real-life simulated problems. Each week, one or two problems are distributed to the ‘law firms’. … Continue reading What a week of Law at York looks like

A Week as a Law Student…

Hi all! Today I thought I would discuss what the average week is like at YLS. Monday: So, on a Monday I enjoy a nice lie-in, not starting until 2.30pm, then I have a 2-hour PBL session. This is with the members of my Student Law Firm as well as a tutor. These tutors have … Continue reading A Week as a Law Student…

Why York? Why Law?

So this is my first blog post, and I thought it would be fitting to share with you all why I chose to study Law and why I picked York to do so! BACKGROUND: So first, a bit about my background. I come from Scarborough, a small seaside town around 40 minutes away from York … Continue reading Why York? Why Law?

Spinning Plates – it can be done!

As a mature Masters Student studying Global Marketing, I considered that doing an internship would be invaluable experience and I was eager to find one. I couldn’t believe how many opportunities there are being a student at the University of York for internships. I took my first internship in January and my second in June. The beauty … Continue reading Spinning Plates – it can be done!

Problem Based Learning

I have had a lot of questions about PBL so I thought I’d go into a bit more depth about what it entails. Example Scenario- recent news article about an employee who has written a “tell all” book about their employer and it is about to be published. The example itself will be about a … Continue reading Problem Based Learning