A Language Student’s Essentials

There are a few things that every language student needs during their time at university, not just the obvious bits like stationery or books. The best way to truly throw yourself into a language is to surround yourself with it as much as you possibly can, so here are four of my essentials for a … Continue reading A Language Student’s Essentials

Living in Halls: Day 1

Ahh, university halls, that place where you’ll spend a significant part of your first year; where you’ll make your first friends and where you’ll make some of your favourite memories. “But what is it actually like?” you may ask. Well, sit back, relax, and get ready to know everything you need to know about your … Continue reading Living in Halls: Day 1

Places to see, things to do…

Imagine that your parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend is coming to visit you in York, but you have absolutely no idea what to show them or where to take them in the city. No need to panic though, York is overflowing with attractions that cater to even the fussiest visitor. Obviously it would be extremely difficult to fit … Continue reading Places to see, things to do…

Summer course in Santiago

After starting Spanish ab-initio in my first year here at York, I decided to spend three weeks last August at the Academia Iria Flavia in Santiago de Compostela, in the region of Galicia, north-west Spain, doing an intensive Spanish-language course to give my Spanish the extra boost that it needed! Arriving in Santiago was extremely … Continue reading Summer course in Santiago

5 Ways to Keep Up With a New Language

When I started Spanish in my first year at York it was pretty daunting. I found quickly that I would forget things that we had learnt that day in the class, or that I just couldn’t switch into the Spanish mode in my head. After a while I realised what I needed were good ways … Continue reading 5 Ways to Keep Up With a New Language