Intellectual Property for Research Online Lectures

Vitae have announced that they are running two additional live lectures as part of their IP for Research programme.

The lectures will take place on:

Monday 1 June 2020 from 1100 – 1230 (UK time) online: this event is designed for researchers in Arts, Humanities and Social Science disciplines.

Friday 5 June 2020 from 1030-1200 (UK time) online: this event is designed for researchers in STEM disciplines.

These free events are open to anyone interested in learning the basics of IP for researchers, from PhD candidates, to postdocs, to those who support researchers.  Participants just need a secure internet connection, an internet enabled device, and a quiet location from which to listen in. There is no fee but the log in details will only be provided to those who register using this link:

For more information and to register please visit:

The Live lectures will explore why Intellectual Property (IP) matters to research by:

  • outlining the different types of IP you could be creating as a researcher
  • helping participants make informed decisions on use of any IP generated
  • explaining when you might need to speak to an IP expert
  • highlighting the potential opportunities to maximise the impact of research

The event designed for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will focus largely on copyright and registered design although it will touch on patents and other forms of IP.

The event designed for STEM disciplines will focus mostly on patents and copyright, although it will touch on other forms of IP.

The information provided at both events will be from a UK IP perspective, but may be useful to researchers working on international projects with an interest in understanding IP more widely.

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