Fellowships, Scholarships and Study Abroad in Canada

Please see an invitation below for an upcoming virtual event showcasing fellowships, scholarships and studying abroad in Canada. The event will take place on the 9th December at 15:00 GMT. Registration is free but required (see link) .

Join us with the Canada-UK Foundation as we hear from Canada-UK students, who share their experience of international Fellowship and scholarship opportunities, from undergraduates to Post-doc.

You are warmly invited to learn more about Canada as a study destination and why thousands of UK students are choosing a study experience in Canada. High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom Education Officer Chelsea Ljutic will speak about why Canada is an increasingly popular study destination in the UK.

You will learn about the type of scholarships we offer, and most importantly hear first-hand about our scholars’ experiences of studying and researching in Canada and how it has helped shape their lives.  We will hear from Dr. Bo Larsen; Our Danish Canada-UK Post Doctoral Fellow, Sari Osada, from Canmore Alberta now at Oxford; James Broom from Suffolk now at University of New Brunswick; and Eleanor Dunling, from Glasgow to studying in Vancouver.  Diverse stories, diverse studies, and one common theme – changing lives through education. 

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