Teach with the Maths Skills Centre

The Maths Skills Centre is recruiting Graduate Teaching Assistants to run online maths and statistics appointments.

They welcome applications from PhD research students working across all disciplines who have:

  • A good first degree in a subject with a large mathematical or statistical content
  • A good grounding in first-year undergraduate Mathematics and/or Probability and Statistical Theory
  • The ability to encourage and develop understanding through alternative approaches to problem solving
  • The ability to direct students how to use the Centre’s resources
  • A good level of digital literacy – for statistics role, knowledge of Statistical software- e.g. SPSS or R

Tutors are not expected to be experts in all aspects of Maths or Statistics. Students often find it more helpful to talk through their initial approach to a problem or to be guided towards suitable resources on the initial steps towards a solution, rather than to be offered a complete worked solution.

Application deadline: Monday 25 January 2021

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