Enter the York Open Research Awards

Have you been involved in a recent or ongoing project or initiative which has engaged with, reflected upon or advocated for open research practices and principles?

This could include:

  • Peer-led discussion groups or clubs focusing on issues relating to open research in your discipline (or beyond)
  • Embedding open research practices and principles in teaching or supervising activities
  • Innovative approaches to public participation in research, e.g. interactive digital exhibitions and storytelling or Citizen Science
  • Dedication to transparent and reproducible research, e.g. preregistration, registered reports and data, code or lab notebook sharing
  • Commitment to creating and building upon sustainable and open source research software

A total of 18 prizes of £200 each will be awarded to research projects and training or advocacy initiatives from each Faculty (Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences). The judging panel may also decide to award additional prizes or offer funding to help develop your project or initiative. 

These awards have been made possible thanks to a generous grant from Wellcome Open Research and match funding from the University Research Development Fund.

The submission form is open until midday on Friday 4 June 2021. Please read the full terms and conditions before submitting your entry.  

Any further questions should be emailed to the Open Research Team: lib-open-research@york.ac.uk

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