PGR Students – apply for a mentor today!

Are you a PGR Student in the final 18 months before your submission deadline?

Did you know you can apply for a mentor, as part of our PGR mentoring scheme? Our mentors are typically postdoc researchers, and can provide guidance, share their experience and help to develop/enhance certain skills.

The PGR mentoring programme was launched in 2020 in recognition of the the unique position and contribution that postgraduate research students (PGRs) make to the research culture at York.

  • 92% of mentees and 92% of mentors said that they would recommend the scheme. 94% of mentees said mentoring had added value to their PhD experience
  • Mentees most commonly wanted and found support with thesis writing and career development (84%) and building relationships, networking and collaborations (65%) and communicating research (46%) and found that this kind of impartial support complemented the support from their PhD supervisor.

Here’s what some of our previous mentees have said about their experience of having a mentor:

“I’ve learnt that even across disciplines, many PGRs are grappling with the same issues – confidence, academic identity, how to manage upwards with supervisors – and the more that is shared between researchers, the more easily these issues can be improved.”

“Learning from the experiences of those who has walked the ropes before us provides us with an opportunity to broaden our field of vision. We not only learn new ways to overcome research obstacles but also gain better understanding of life in academia.”

Applications to be a mentee are currently open, and full information can be foundĀ here.

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