How to Thrive & Survive in Your PhD

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Whether you are a new PhD student or are almost at the end of this challenging journey, I would like to invite you to participate in our series of How to Thrive & Survive in Your PhD sessions, organised by PhDs, for PhDs! 

A little about myself before I jump into the fascinating details of this project. My name is Estelia Bórquez Sánchez, and I am from Chile (South America). In August last year, I was awarded my PhD degree in education (Science Education) from the University of York. Now, I am an associate researcher at the UYSEG and working as the Thrive and Survive Series Coordinator.

‘Thrive and Survive’ is a friendly space to talk about the many enjoyable and challenging moments that you could face during your PhD. It is an excellent opportunity to find out more about other PhD students experiences because it is led and supported by peers. Indeed, you can find helpful information and advice about aspects of the doctoral experience that are not commonly reported in the official literature. 

All PhD students are welcome to participate in the workshops. You can find valuable information about adapting to life abroad, social-cultural differences, and advice, based on experience, on how to succeed in difficult times. This year, we will discuss some of the issues that arose throughout your PhDs and learn from peers who understand the frustration, pressure, joy, challenges, misconceptions, cultural barriers, and moments of procrastination. It can be described as an emotional rollercoaster, with many highs and lows, but IT CAN BE FUN and you can Thrive!!!!! 

The University of York and the York Graduate Research School community would like to assure you that you are not alone in this journey. The hope is that everyone can have a great start and end to their PhD programme, whether you are working here in York or from afar. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to join me at the “Thrive and Survive your PhD” sessions and wish you the best in this exciting journey in your life.

How to thrive and survive in your PhD

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